Murray's Client's tells all....

I proudly build my client list based on my reputation. As a result, many past clients have positively referred me to future new clients. Like all major decisions in life, you should always seek for a reference to put your mind at ease. I’ve prepared a reference list just for that purpose and to hopefully make you feel more comfortable working with me. Please feel free to contact me for for their phone numbers if you wish to speak to any of them or you have any questions or concerns about my services.

 Harvey & Griselda

Upgrading from Condo. to House! I met this funloving couple thru one of my open houses.  I worked with them to sell their condo. in Burnaby and upgrade to a 3 level family home in Vancouver. 

"You were very punctual and forthright (black & white).  Murray seemed to be approachable and willing.  He was very enthusiastic. Very condensed and precise info. provided.

Dan & Lisa

Family home with 2 boys and a cat!
 This family was referred by previous clients.  They wanted to purchase a home in the same neighbourhood to keep the children in the same school.

"You got us in to view early and it proved to be crucial. ...finding out the place was 17 years old instead of 22".


First time investor! Tiana was referred by previous clients.  She wanted a rental property that may someday be her home in the future.

"You did not pressure me.... You worked hard, kept me informed about what was happening and were very easy to get along with - relax manner.  How late you worked the night my parents came to view places.  How you were willing to help in other areas like finding insurance and getting a renter." Tiana


Clients through generations! My relationship with the Richard was established years ago when Richard’s late mother decided way back then to use me as her consultant.

"My initial dealings with you only reconfirmed her(mom) decision. I was extremely pleased with our business relationship and with your honest, accurate, market assessments…I appreciate the lack of pressure during the 2-1/2 years from my mother’s death to list the property."


Patience has it’s rewards! It was a difficult time for Sharie to part with her family home but I patiently showed her homes where she could be happier in months before she was ready to sell her own home and then purchase a new home.

"You have been a part of my life through a very difficult transition-a confident, an advisor, listener, a teacher(I knew so little of what to look for and questions to ask when looking)…Your knowledge of the Real Estate market and the ability to see and question so many details. When looking for a place, you saw all the bumps and tiny cracks I wouldn’t have noticed. Perhaps you try too hard Murray but I do appreciate you."

Peter & Johanna 

"Empty Nesters" After raising their children in their home, Peter & Johanna were ready to downsize to a condo in Abbottsford and start the best part of their lives. Their home was sold within 3 weeks with multiple offers at once which gave them a top price and over asking. They  stated that Murray was

"friendly, punctual, and concerning toward their needs."

Martin & Connie 

Dream home! Martin and Connie were ready for a change which is why Murray helped them find a beautiful home in Burnaby with a large lot and beautiful garden which they had to have. I sold their current home (which incidentally was the one I found for them 10 years earlier) in less than a month while bringing multiple offers.

"You understood our criteria. We trusted you as our agent to keep our best interests paramount. It was a successful(happy) business transaction."

Ross & Michelle

Growing family! I met them through one of my own listings where they were interested in purchasing. I helped them sell their condo and find them a more suitable family home for their growing family.

"You treated us as though we were your one and only clients - excellent daily contact, open to our suggestions. The effort and support and genuine care in our relationship made an otherwise unnerving situation much easier."


A past client twice over. Ed simply commented that his overall feelings toward Murray is "Happy". However, he stated that the best part of course is "Receiving the Cheque!" - now that’s honesty!

Liz & William 

Upgrading to larger home. Liz & William wanted a larger home for their growing and active toddler. They also wanted to move closer to their parents and I found one within blocks of their parent's house.

"Just a little note to let you know that we are loving our new house and we couldn't have got it without all your hard work and perseverance! Thank made buying and selling our homes a painless, enjoyable and fun experience!…"

Shonna and Myla

First time buyers. Realizing that their monthly rent could be put to better use towards a mortgage, Myla's Father, a past client, asked me to help his daughter and her friend find a nice starter home with a mortgage helper.

"Deciding between two different homes, you recommended the cheaper (=less commission)house because it was a better investment. The bottles of water you handed during the tour on a hot day. The tours were organized and fun."


Downsizing. Annette was referred to me by my next door neighbour in the house I used to live in 3 years ago. Although we are no longer neighbours, I still kept in touch with Annette’s mother and have remained friends.

"My mother recommended you and I trust her. I also appreciated the time you took even when I was considering the private offer".


Downsizing.  Doris needed some pointers on how to spruce up her condo to make it more appealing.  I gave her some suggestions which went a long ways. The results were multiple offers and an offer over asking price.

"I thought that you were competent when you sold my house years ago.  Over the years, I saw you change from a "swinging single" into a caring and responsible husband and father.  I felt that we were in a partnership. "